How to Hire An Illustrator Part 2

Ok. By now you have read How to Hire An Illustrator Part 1 and you are poised at your keyboard ready to email an illustrator.

Start your email with a simple introduction and explain how you found out about the illustrator’s services. For example: “Hi my name David, I discovered your website when I searched for “Portland Illustrators” or “…I was referred to you by my friend Susan who commissioned a painting from you last year.”

Informing the illustrator how you found their professional services assists them in understanding the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. For any professional really, it is useful to note if most clients are gleaned from Facebook or publics events or search engine optimization.

Next, use the Sandwich Method of contact. Start with a positive comment about their work. Tell them which of their art samples stood out to you from their portfolio. Then add the filling to your Sandwich which is the information from Part 1 of How to Hire An Illustrator: Project description, deadline and budget. Then finish up with your contact information and another positive comment like “Heard great things about you, hope we can work together on this project.”

Super simple right?! If you really want to be informed before contacting an illustrator, feel free to read the Dos and Don’ts When Hiring An Illustrator.


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