ReesaBird Studios LLC

REESABIRD STUDIOS LLC, offers a variety of illustration services to customers in the Vancouver, WA – Portland, OR area and beyond.

Illustration in all its forms is in essence VISUAL STORYTELLING. The mission of ReesaBird Studios is to help clients get their story across to their audience in the most effective and imaginative way possible. Whether you need children’s book illustrations, editorial illustration, images for advertising, character design for an animation, or illustrated logo for your business, Reesabird Studios provides the creativity and skills to make your project a success.

THERESA JOHNSON has been providing artistic services to the public and private sector since 1994. She describes her illustration style as quirky, humorous, whimsical, provocative and appealing. Theresa enjoys combining a loose painterly and sometimes sketchy look juxtaposed with areas of great focus and tight detail. To view Theresa’s online portfolio, visit artbytheresajohnson.com.


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